I believe music is for everyone. Each and every student in my studio receives personalized attention. I am always inspired by their accomplishments. My goal is to provide the best possible instruction to cater for a wide spectrum of musical interests.

The foundations of my teaching philosophy are:

  1. Develop life-long appreciation and love of music in my students.
  2. Help students discover personal rewards in music study and find enjoyment in music-making.
  3. Teach students how to learn.
  4. Establish solid technical foundation and sound musicianship.
  5. Every student is unique and different. My teaching style, curriculum, and approach are flexible and varied in order to suit the individual student's abilities, needs, and interests.

The following quotes by two famous pianists express how I feel as a teacher. Their sincere, heart-felt words are my motto.

“I look upon teaching as a moral obligation. I feel it is my duty to pass on what was given me, what I have to give. I do it with great love.”– Claudio Arrau

“To this day I consider it both my privilege and my God-willed function to share all I was given and all I am able to impart – and that includes teaching as well. I would consider it a grave failing if I withheld the knowledge gathered in my life instead of having it carried forward by those I teach.” - Lili Kraus